January 16      Dempsey's Public House, Downtown Fargo - 10:00 p.m. (
January 30      Studio 222, downtown Fargo, 8-10
January 31      
Hennesey’s Irish Pub,4323 45th Street S., Fargo 8:30-midnight (

February  6     Dempsey's Public House, Downtown Fargo - 10:00 p.m. (
February 20    
Dempsey's Public House, Downtown Fargo - 10:00 p.m. (

St. Patrick's Season
March 14      Saturday -Two shows 6 and 10- Aquarium
March 17      Wednesday -St Patrick's Day- 6-10 Main Floor -Dempsey’s
March 21      DL Speakeasy


Banks of Red River Click here for lyrics and other info
River. Métis. Blood letter. This CD reflects the Red River region through its music and its connection to the Celtic world. Through its stories, rhythms and sounds, Poitin explores the land of visionary Louis Riel and composer Andy DeJarlis, focusing on the convergence of native and Irish cultural elements. We have found a new spirit in this music, and we hope your spirit is touched as well.

Tramps and Triumphs Click here for lyrics and other info
For our 4th CD release, we thought we would take some inspiration from one of Jim's ancestors, historian and pioneer newspaperman John T. Bell, who fought with the 2nd Iowa in the American Civil War. Irish music has had a wide influence on music in America and here we explore Irish and American experiences around the Civil War era. We added some jigs and reels, some new originals and a couple of old favorites. Tramps and Triumphs it is the result.

Down the Down
Click here for lyrics and other info
This is our third CD. The Poitin veterans, Don, Bob, Teresa, Bonnie and Jim are joined by talented young musicians Bettina Villamil, fiddle, mandolins, and vocals, Jason Thorstad a/k/a J-Thor, bass, guitars; Pat Crary, drums and bodhran; and Alex Rydell, fiddle and backing vocals. We tried to make an album with a mix of old faves, maybe played a little differently, some new dance music, and some fine original songs. Jason, Bettina, and Teresa each came up with some sets; Bettina, Bonnie and Don each contributed songwriting talents. At any rate, we had lots of fun getting together to make some of our own Red River version of Irish music.

Winter Brew
Our second CD release is an extension of the first. Traditional Irish and Celtic jigs, reel, marches, slow airs, ballads, rebel and drinking songs in true traditional fashion. Bonnie joins the rest of the original gang on this cover.

Barley Mash
Our first CD. The original gang: Pat, Mike, Patty, Roz, Teresa, Don and Jim give us the jigs, reels, marches, slow airs, ballads, drinking and rebel tunes, shanties etc. etc. Something for every pain that ails you. Take the Guinness out of the fridge; let it sit awhile. Turn up the music. Slainte'


MEDIA Click Here

Here is a page of some clips that others have posted on YouTube. Thought you might enjoy them.